OGs give back to community, improve Agat

Agat-raised local business owner Lenny Fejeran has gone back to his roots with a desire to give back to his community.  Kandit went down south to see what the buzz was all about.  Mr. Fejeran led volunteers in reviving the Agat basketball court and restrooms.

In a press release from Mr. Fejeran, he described Project Improve and Inspire as one that aims “to improve the Agat basketball court.  To continuously improve ourselves.  And to inspire those in the community through art, food, and business.”

As he put down his paint roller to pick up a basketball and play with the neighborhood kids, Mr. Fejeran paused for a moment to tell Kandit, “We’re just doing a community project.  I have a collaboration, Denanche’ Brand and Most Hated, you know we’re both from Agat so we’re just trying to do our thing and run our businesses and now it’s time for us to give back so we’re down here doing what we gotta do.

“This area is just special to us because we’re from here, we’re from these streets.  I went to Agat Elementary, I went to Oceanview (High School), Mount Carmel (Catholic School).  I mean our family’s here, we’re rooted.

“We got the kids here from Mañe’lu and they’re here helping out, putting in some work to paint.  And just an all-around beautification project, community project, community effort.  And there’s a lot of people involved.  Officer Tapao’s here, like I said, Mañe’lu.  We got donations from Behr paint and also from Home Depot to help with this project.  And we got a muralist, the FueKing, doing a really nice piece up there.

“The court’s going to be redone later but we got the bleachers that are being worked on.  We got the tower, very symbolic for us.  This whole park is you know, very symbolic for us.  We got the mural going down into the bridge and then the Fena Lake Massacre Memorial, with the Hagat mayor’s office, they’re doing that project there.  So, we just…wanted to beautify this whole area, make it a more enticing place to come.  Bring the family, play basketball, get healthy, and happy.”

Mañe’lu’s Jonathan Mendiola said of the project, “Lenny contacted us to come and help out with this project ‘(Improve and) Inspire.’  So, we rounded up a couple of our youth that are in the program and that’s what we’re here doing today is helping them out with the painting of the park.  Like he said earlier, it’s a symbolic park.  It’s somewhere where the kids used to hang out and stuff.  For more on Mañelu, we are available to the community for whatever reason.  If you would like to get ahold of us, you can get ahold of us at (671)472-2227 or you can email us at [email protected].”

The project was sponsored by Denanche’ Brand, Most Hated, muralist The FueKing, videographer Joaquin Pangelinan, Agat Mayor’s Office, Guam Behr Paint, Home Depot, Mañe’lu, Market Deli, and Guam Police Department Officer Paul Tapao.

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