Once again, the governor is caught in a lie

In her push to convince senators not to stop her from building a billion dollar hospital at Eagle’s Field, Mangilao, Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero has again issued less than truthful information to the public.

In a post this morning and as Guam’s senators debate the override of her veto of Bill No. 12, the governor said “By refusing to partner with the military, the full cost of the hospital will belong to Guam’s people alone rather than shared with federal partners.”

No senator has said they refuse to partner with the military. And, according to the office of Guam’s delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives, there are no costs being “shared” by the federal government either.

“From our inquiries here in DC, no funds have been allocated towards the construction of the new hospital in the Eagle’s Field,” Congressman James Moylan’s senior advisor and chief of staff Bobby Shringi said. “But once again this is based on what we are briefed.”

As far as has been publicly disclosed, the only money set aside for this project is the nearly $300 million in federal pandemic funding secured by former Congressman Michael San Nicolas. That is federal money, and its use for a hospital is NOT predicated on leasing land from the military.

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