Open enrollment for government health insurance in the CNMI

(CNMI Department of Finance)–The Department of Finance has announced that the open enrollment period for the CNMI Government Group Health and Life Insurance (GHLI) Trust Fund is currently open through December 28, 2023, for coverage effective January 1, 2024.

The premium rates, indicated below, reflect an increase from previous years’ rates and are specified for individual employees, employees with dependents, and coverage for employees and their families. Government employees are encouraged to review the different options that are available so that they can sign up or modify their insurance coverage during the open enrollment period.

“Our administration is committed to ensuring that CNMI residents have access to quality and affordable coverage,” said Governor Palacios. “Nonetheless, given the fiscal challenges that we face and the cost containment measures we must implement to continue on the CNMI’s path to economic recovery, we must re-evaluate the government’s share of employees’ and retirees’ premiums.”

Governor Palacios stated that the Department of Finance team is already looking into options that reduce the government’s overall expenditure on healthcare and will be sharing these options and other updates soon.

Secretary of Finance Tracy Norita stated that the GHLI team is already contacting human resource departments at various agencies to provide information about the open enrollment period as well as changes that may be anticipated over the next few months. Employees and retirees can also contact the on island general agent, whose contact is listed below, for additional information.

Pacifica Insurance, general agent for Aetna Insurance located in Susupe at the Joeten Center, 1st Floor will be available to assist new and existing members. For more information please call (670) 234-6267.

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