Police arrest 3 men in connection with Dededo Skate Park assault

Guam Police Department officers arrested three men over the weekend in connection with a near-deadly riot at the Dededo Skate park that occurred about an hour after midnight, Thursday, March 3.
The riot left at least three victims injured by what appear to be several assailants in a viral video taken during the assault.
“Several suspects involved had dispersed prior to the arrival of officers,” GPD spokeswoman Berlyn Savella reported in a news release Sunday evening. “Officers with the Community Crimes Task Force (CCTF) assumed the investigation and conducted multiple follow ups.”
Mali Ios

The viral video led to the first arrest on Saturday — that of Mali Ios, 19, of Dededo — who, by his mugshot, appears to be the man who took the viral video. He was arrested for rioting, assault, underage consumption of alcohol, and aggravated assault.

On Monday morning, Ms. Savella released more information that police arrested two more young men in connection with the riot. The news release does not state whether Mr. Ios provided police the information needed to arrest the two after him.
Police arrested Jame Repwak, 23, for aggravated assault, assault, and rioting Sunday. They also arrested John P. Joshua, 18, Sunday for aggravated assault, assault, rioting, and underage consumption of alcohol.
Jame Repwak
John Jashua
All three men were booked and confined at the Guam Department of Corrections.
One of the victims lost his eye as a result of his injuries.

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