Police investigating possible fatal shooting in Dededo

A second wave of Guam police detectives arrived at the building, where Dave’s Barbershop in Dededo is located at 6:50 a.m. Wednesday, and entered the second-floor establishment. According to police spokesman Sgt. Paul Tapao, they were responding to a shooting that occurred there Wednesday morning.

On the way in, the officers passed what appeared to be an abandoned Nissan Sentra, the driver’s door ajar, and a blue glove on the hood. It was the only vehicle within the crime scene perimeter.

Before heading upstairs, one of the detectives approached a man and a woman, who had been standing and waiting on the first floor of the building. Both appeared distraught, the woman sobbing. An officer identified the man as “Dave,” and said he is the owner of the shop.

The man known only as Dave told Kandit that prior to our arrival on scene at 6:10 a.m., medics had removed a body from the scene. Police have not confirmed this information.



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