Police looking for men who followed and shot Malojloj man

Guam Police Department spokeswoman Berlyn Savella confirmed police are investigating the shooting of a man in Malojloj early Wednesday morning.

The man is in surgery at this hour, according to his wife, who is at the hospital with him, and spoke with Kandit.

“He’s in pain, but he’s in stable condition,” she said. “He’s in surgery right now.”

According to the woman, two men, strangers to her husband, approached her husband and his party at the Bear Rock monument, where her husband was fishing.

“They asked for fish, but my husband told them he’s already out,” she said. “They kind of waited for a while, then drove off.”

They were driving a black sedan.

Her husband and nephew then drove away and headed to Dandan. According to the woman, her husband noticed the black sedan began following their white pickup truck as they passed 76 Gas Station in Malojloj.

The black sedan followed her husband and nephew, who was sitting in the back of the truck, onto Dandan Road, where at least one of the occupants of the black sedan shot into the truck.

Her husband was struck on his left thigh.

The black sedan has silver rims.

“At this time, further follow ups are being conducted,” Ms. Savella told Kandit. “I am not able to provide any details and officers are conducting follow ups.”

According to the victim’s wife, the victim believes the two men are Chamorro by their accent, and in their 30s to 40s. Both men have light complexions. One man has short hair; the other has long hair.

“If anyone has camera footage facing the main road from Bear Rock to Dandan Road,” the woman is asking, “please call the police and turn the footage over to them. It will show a black sedan following a white pickup truck some time between 12:30 a.m. to 1 a.m. Wednesday.”


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