Pornhub subscriber uploaded 102 clandestine porn videos of military members and others unaware they were being filmed in their private sexual acts

Excerpt (with redactions) from MJ-20-00101, filed in 2020 and recently unsealed in the U.S. District Court of Guam.

A recently unsealed federal warrant application alleges a Pornhub subscriber uploaded 102 pornographic videos of military personnel that were taken without the personnel’s knowledge or permission in areas throughout Naval Base Guam. The subscriber uploaded other videos that appear to depict non-military personnel.

“My review of the videos posted to the [account name redacted] account reflected that several of the video recordings were titled with the rank and last name of the depicted victim, such as “[U.S.NAVY RANK][LASTNAME],” the application by former Naval Criminal Investigation Services special agent Craig Perry states. “Based on the names of service members I identified when reviewing the videos, two primary Guam-based United States Naval commands contained the greatest number of identifiable victims: the USS Emory S. Land and the USS FrankCable.”

Many of the videos – which include audio – appear to depict military members masturbating in bathroom stalls to pornographic material viewed on their phones, according to Mr. Perry. Other videos, he wrote, uploaded to Pornhub appear to be filmed aboard Naval vessels, while others were filmed in the men’s restroom of the Liberty Center aboard Naval Base Guam.

“The videos appeared to be clandestinely filmed either above, below, or through holes in the wall of the bathroom stalls,” Mr. Perry said in his warrant application to the U.S. District Court of Guam.

“Additional videos were labeled as taken at an unknown ‘hostel,’ and appeared to depict non-military personnel,” the special agent added in his affidavit establishing probable cause for a warrant.

Mr. Perry was made aware of the account on January 8, 2020.

On January 13, after he had reviewed the content on Pornhub, Mr. Perry told the court he sent a request to MG Freesites LTD, the operator of Pornhub, asking that the content be taken down because it was filmed without the consent of the sexual acts. Three days later, Pornhub’s representative informed Mr. Perry that the content had been disabled.

There is no mention as to whether the videos that appear to depict the non-military personnel also were disabled.

Federal magistrate judge Michael Bordallo signed the warrant on September 10, 2020.

There are no publicly available records in federal court to confirm who the subscriber of the Pornhub account is, whether that subscriber also set up the illegal surveillance systems, and whether that person has been charged for the federal crimes involved.

An NCIS Guam agent asked Kandit to call the agency back tomorrow (Wednesday), as his supervisor would not be returning until then.

Kandit also has reached out to Joint Region Marianas, under which Naval Base Guam is commanded, to ask the following questions:

1. Was the Navy able to get any other platform which may have hosted these illegal videos to take down the content?
2. Were the victims made aware of the content?
3. Did the Navy notify the rest of the patrons of Naval Base Guam about the illegal activity?
4. Is there technology or some protocol Joint Region has employed since finding out about this incident to detect illegal surveillance throughout bases facilities?
5. What assurance are you able to give the public that (considering the ease with which this predator was able to spy on servicemen) Naval Base Guam and Joint Region are preventing this type and even more sinister forms of spying (foreign espionage)?
Naval officials have not replied to these questions as of the publication of this story.


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