Prison director: Rash of escapes due to officer negligence

Prison director Bob Camacho said the escapes of two recently-apprehended prisoners from the Department of Corrections antiquated Mangilao facility are under investigation, along with an attempted escape he disclosed that occurred two weeks ago.

Mr. Camacho, referring to a series of escapes and attempted escapes prior to the last two, said “A lot of this has to do with officer negligence. A lot of this has to do with officer responsibility.”

Mr. Camacho also confirmed the compound’s temporary quarantine facility has been gradually improved to better contain prisoners.

“At first we had barbed wire around it and that didn’t work,” he said, adding “and then we put a fence around it, and still they’re able to scale it.”

According to Mr. Camacho, corrections officers were able to catch the attempted escapee two weeks ago as he was scaling the fence.

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