Prosecutor: Shapucy used a Hawaiian sling to kill Aiken at Dededo Plaza


  • Frustrated Chamoru

      08/12/2022 at 9:44 AM

    Our once beautiful and peaceful island of Guam is getting worse each day. When will the attorney general and/or the governor open their eyes to see what is happening here?!! Oh wait!! It doesn’t affect most officials because they are well protected or live in affluent neighborhoods, so why should they care?
    Too many of these “off islanders” come to our island to feed off on our resources AND are a menace to society. Why doesn’t this government place into law that if someone should commit a heinous and senseless crime, they (all involved) should be convicted and given a lifetime sentence without parole (maybe we need to have the death penalty here on island too). If someone were to commit a lesser crime, they should be deported back to their origin without a chance of returning to Guam. What does it take to place something into law to curb these senseless crimes? Maybe we need someone who has the balls like former Philippine President Duterte to place something into law like “an eye for an eye”…….this is so frustrating!! DO SOMETHING OFFICIALS!!!!!!

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