Quinata’s lawyer says GPD withheld information from medical examiner

Rudy Quinata’s lawyer believes the trial so far is going well, as the prosecution today presented its last witness. Forensic pathologist Dr. Martin Ishikawa took the stand and confirmed he was unable to narrow down the assailant beyond a person with adult strength. According to Quinata’s attorney Peter Santos, the Guam Police Department did not share all the information pertaining to the case with Dr. Ishikawa. Mr. Santos told Kandit he intends to call eight witnesses, including two GPD officers, two CPS investigators, and some family members to the stand when the prosecution officially rests.

Mr. Quinata is being charged with the murder of former Umatac mayor Daniel Sanchez. Mr. Sanchez was found in Quinata’s Umatac home, bludgeoned, and stabbed to death. Trial will continue Thursday at 9:30 a.m.

The full interview with Mr. Santos is provided.

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