Raymond Cruz arrested after allegedly touching 5-year-old girl and teaching her how to make explicit videos


  • I don’t understand what’s going on on this, where the person that make the report and said she was the witness of what my daughter on this report saying that it was Mr. Cruz who happen to treat her like she was her daughter. Mr. Cruz who is my so call ex BF. And to say what the witness said that she was the one who discovered the Video which I come to find out that it’s my auntie her great auntie B.A who gave her permission to go ahead and use the phone but make sure you put it back at the charger. And when an adult is responsible for someone or even niece/nephews must always monitor the child at that age when they are holding the phone due to some reason that a child can press anything that they don’t know especially video camera and not knowing what they can do. I have research some information about what we the parents/legal guardian/grandparents/relatives that are an adult where at all times must supervise children at age of 6 and below. With their mind can always do things that they should not do and not knowing what’s the meaning of life. Even with lies and truth we elders should teach our children the meaning of it. Sometimes when children say things out to people that are around them must need to understand the meaning to their words cause it can devastate the other person from what they are saying. Sometimes when a child goes to the relatives/grandparents/sisters/fathers to spend the all week and in that all week before the child is returned there’s possibility that her behavior change and if people look into how theirs kids act when their home and when their at different relatives. With my daughter in this report, my daughter is a good girl and loving child but there’s time that her behavior change due to her spending at her father place every Thursday to Sunday. So it’s stating here in the report that my daughter was in her room alone sleeping which the only house I know she sleeps in her bedroom by herself is at the father’s house and with me, her and sister who also 3yrs old have their own room together but I don’t make them sleep in their room because for myself I know that it’s not the age for them to be alone by themselves and we all sleep in my room together. The sister always question me why mom that the girls are not sleeping in their room my response to her question was that it’s not their time yet. And every time Mr. Cruz is around and my daughter is around I’m always present. Sometimes Mr. Cruz tells my daughter when my goes to him, he himself tells her loud and clear in front of me saying girl please move away from me and not just my presence but also her older siblings, Mr. Cruz what he tells my daughter was the right thing to do because he told her to stay away from because I don’t want your mom or Sister’s to think differently.
    In her story as I read I did not know what’s going on until the day May 12 when the GPD received a call about my daughter. I myself the mother did my investigation along with the support of my brother and his gf had given me confidence and strength not to give up on finding the truth. So I happen to search/make phones calls I come to my conclusion to the truth in this accusation on Mr.Cruz who did not do what it says. The cps was not inform of a report on that day, and in every crime that is made that includes minor children the cps must be present at the time of the report was made to the GDP because it’s their responsibility to involve when an officer interviewed and questions a minor child. But they were present due to the fact that they weren’t inform. Just this May 15 Sunday 2022 the cps that I call questioning them and one of the staff said that just now they knew about this.
    May 14 Saturday 2022, 3 officers escorted me together with my two older daughters to the grandparents residence but the officers just when in to one road in cross island then other road and down the hill then back to where I was told to park. One of the officers said to me that “ sorry ma’am we were call and we have to go but cps call us and said that they had my daughter in custody with them and they cannot release your daughter to you because pending. Question to the audience out there, How in the world that the cps know that I went out there to get my daughter? Someone under table as they say who is in the office or one of officers that escorted me is been paid by the grandparents or even a relative of Mr. Leon Guerrero call them up and told them that the mother which is I is out there to get her daughter..
    there is something fishy going on in this all situation and I want the people to hear my story.
    Mr. Leon Guerrero has a record in the court by the public defender in regards of him raping me at his own place and I didn’t reported in due to reason that he threatened me and and I was scared he might do something and along with his common law my auntie who I happen to tell her the truth she didn’t believe me for what her other did to me. So to the GPD out their that gave me false information about my daughter and use cps name in this search which cps they did not know about. At the time My auntie B.A her two children were young when her other half parents kidnapp her children and not wanting to return them to her she call and make a report that her in laws kidnapp her children and not returning. With this two story that I mentioned what had happened to me and what had happened to my auntie children is just same scenario that my daughter who was kidnap from me before her return on May 15 Sunday in the afternoon and her grandparents is trying to kidnap my daughter away just like what they did to my auntie children back then. What Mr Leon Guerrero did to me is the same scenario that happens to his daughter which I am 💯 % telling the truth. His parents just don’t want to return her because she’s the daughter of their son, and with what happen to her in the room he knew that he will get in trouble and end up in prison he then hides the truth of what he did and his common law might know or not but he probably told his daughter my daughter not to say that it was him and he told her to say the person that is Mr Cruz who did it. And finding that Mr Leon Guerrero has past history under the crime sexual conduct and with Mr Cruz history is base on family violence no records of him on sexual conduct.

    I have more to say.. to be continued

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