SECRET RECORDING: GMH systems hacked, turned off; FBI investigating; GMH unsure if patient records were stolen

The video above presents a secret recording of a closed-door meeting Friday Guam Memorial Hospital management held to discuss the infiltration of the hospital’s network last weekend. This, according to the discussion by management, is the real reason no one can call, email, or otherwise access GMH over networks.

The hack, which is believed to have included the implantation of malware and ransomware, is under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

GMH legal counsel Jeremiah Luther told staff and private clinic and laboratory partners who are queued into the system and may have been exposed as well that officials are unsure whether patient records were stolen or otherwise accessible outside those legally authorized to have them. The hospital management, according to Mr. Luther, is working feverishly with authorities to resolve the matter and to secure patient data and the integrity of hospital operations.

Staff and clinical partners are heard in the recording upset with GMH management for not telling them and the public about the crisis until Friday.


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