Senator’s office vandalized and robbed

The Capital Hill senatorial office of Celina Babauta was vandalized overnight, and the only thing the robber or robbers took was a security camera that sat precisely where a rock-thrown hole in the window is.

The window and camera face into the parking lot of the Commonwealth Legislature building.

CNMI Department of Public Safety officers are investigating the matter.

“I am confident police will find the perpetrator, or perpetrators,” Ms. Babauta said. “I don’t know why I was targeted, but if it was meant to intimidate me, I will not be intimidated to do what’s right for the CNMI, and the people’s work will continue under my watch and service to our Commonwealth.”

Neither Ms. Babauta nor her staff were in the office at the time of the crime.

DPS sources say vehicles have been observed in the legislative parking lot late at night in recent months.


  • I am curious at to why a CCTV camera was stationed on the window sill and recording the parking lot only. And not mounted on buildings where it is more secure?

    Is this the way these questionable people operate (security) working in that area? Each office points a camera outside? Seriously!
    Who/how and why, pays for this shit?
    Does somebody’s relative have some kind of a contract? Or is it another voted out of office recycled failure that was given a high priced, do nothing contract after getting voted out of office just to keep them in the feeding trough??

    Now days there is so new much technology, and very cheap comparatively wise.
    I have cameras on so many properties and structures are controlled by a smart phone and also besides recording to a card, they also record to the clouds.
    From anywhere in the world you can use a cell phone and direct the camera direction around the area. Also I have solar powered cameras I have put in some areas in the trees to overlook property and structures. Eve cameras that screw into a light fixture and cell controlled as long as the power switch is on for the light switch.
    Much of this technology is way past my ability but the younger people have it down.

    So much available on line.

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