Singer-songwriter Imani needs your help to make it big

The first time I heard Elle Taitague’s voice, I realized what it sounds like, when angels sing. For years on Guam I would be mesmerized at her live performances. She is the most beautiful singer this island has produced.

During the pandemic I learned she moved off island to take care of very personal issues. That saddened me. A few days ago we spoke on the phone and she told me something so very uplifting.

“I’m in New York helping one of our up-and-coming artists, Imani, to make it out here,” Ms. Taitague said.

How often do we hear about professionals helping others in their field to go further on this island forsaken by crab mentality? How many artists of such amazing talent find their art concealed by our separation from the rest of the world?

Imani has world-class talent, and Ms. Taitague wants the whole world to see and know it. She’s taking the singer and songwriter to see music industry executives in the Big Apple, and then they’ll be preparing for a concert in Anaheim at the House of Blues.

Aside from the costs of their New York tour, Ms. Taitague is helping Imani to raise funds to defray some costs associated with the Anaheim concert. Imani’s official campaign organizer, Fe’Lah Artist Representatives, LLC., is crowd funding on Indiegogo.

Please click here to go to her crowd funding page and make a donation to her success.


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