SPOTLIGHT: Is Catholicism safe from its predators in the Marianas?

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Inside this week’s issue of Spotlight:

  • The powerful undercurrents of the Neocatechumenal Way on Guam and in the Commonwealth
  • The full Guam DOC inmates and detainees list (all 676)
  • The full magistrates reports updates (all 156)
  • The political scoreboard (MMMA and Shipping)
  • The pets of the week

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  • The Catholic Church as a whole is fractured with the realization that Church leadership has protected its priestly pedophiles throughout the decades! The message of Christ, in Jesus and his spoken word IS now the church found in every member of humanity who accepts Him wholeHEARTedly. It is not a building, not a doctrine, not a dogma. Simply taking His words into the heart!

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