Swim at the Rota Swimming Hole

I got this video from Nola Hix, who took her family to the beach near the Rota Swimming Hole on July 4, 2020.
“It’s gorgeous, and sands are pristine,” Ms. Hix, a Saipan native, but resident of Guam, said.
“Surprised you didn’t check it out,” she admonished me, when I asked her about the place. I wish I did. We were in Rota overnight, and I hadn’t visited there since 1992. So, there’s a lot I don’t know, and a lot I missed.
“That means we must go back,” Ms. Hix told me. Indeed. I’m going back.
Rota is an enchanted island. The people there are Chamorros like no other, living our culture, traditions, and language in steadfast heritage. The air, refined by the heavens only, breezes cool and moist. The food is unmatched.
Rota is the most beautiful place on earth.

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