Taitague questions bureau’s use of federal pandemic funds

The Guam Bureau of Women’s Affairs received federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) money , according to Sen. Telo Taitague. The republican lawmaker and former director of women’s affairs under the Camacho administration has been trying to ascertain the uses of those funds, but to no avail.

In April, Ms. Taitague introduced legislation intended to increase transparency of the governor’s spending of federal ARPA grant monies. During the current proceedings over the draft budget act, the senator criticized the budget office for not providing the legislature with sufficient information on the governor’s use of the funds at the BWA. The senator stated the information “doesn’t say anything about what the money was being spent for, programs they are initiating, and itemization of what they actually spent it on.”

On the United States Treasury’s website, it states in part “The American Rescue Plan will change the course of the pandemic and deliver immediate and direct relief to families and workers impacted by COVID 19.” Congress intended that the hundreds of millions of dollars given to the governor to spend in her discretion, must be for expenditures that help families and workers impacted by the pandemic.

As previously reported, Kandit sent a Freedom of Information Act request for documents two months ago to BWA director Jayne Flores pertaining to the functions of her office. The responsive documents  included the use of public resources related to fostering and the performance of elective abortions.

The government of Guam’s staffing pattern at least partially answers Ms. Taitague’s question about the use of pandemic funds for the BWA. According to the staffing pattern, taxpayers foot the bill for the salaries and benefits of BWA’s three employees. The total, including the $90,508.44 for Ms. Flores alone, is $197,262.37 for the personnel cost of operating the bureau. According to the data provided by the Department of Administration, two of the three employees’s salaries are paid using ARPA money.

What else is the Bureau of Women’s Affairs using federal pandemic money for? And are these purposes in line with Congress’s intent for the use of those funds?

Ms. Taitague is intent on discovering the truth. And so are we.


  • Robert A. Cruz

      07/07/2022 at 4:54 PM

    It’s time for a Federal Investigation on all Gov Guam Agency that received Covid-19 Federal funding. Weed out charge all corrupt Officials Director’s & that includes the Governor’s Administration

  • Jayne Flores

      07/09/2022 at 10:04 AM

    You just need to ask me, Troy and Telo. We are giving 50 women scholarships to get their high school diploma, and producing a PSA campaign for awareness of sexual assault, domestic violence, human trafficking, and teen pregnancy prevention. And only HALF of the salary of one of the 3 BWA employees’ salaries is paid for with ARP funds. HALF salary of one employee. All Telo or you has to do is call my office and ASK. Your FOIA did not ask about ARP funds. I’ll be happy to send her – and you – my BWA grant proprosal and budget, which the LGT administration granted because it was an excellent use of the funds to help women and marginalized members of the community. Check your FACTS before you publish something as foolish as what you did above. This is why Kandit is NOT a legitimate news source.

  • We all know that Jayne Flores is pro-choice when it comes to abortion and reproduction rights. She speaks for the Governor when the issue of abortion presents itself. Also, it should be noted that Jayne has her hands in the federal funds that fund the WOW program. By the way, as a federally-funded position in the Governor’s Office, did Jayne know this, when she volunteered to be the Governor’s spokesperson at one of the K-57 news with Patty Arroyo?

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