TakeCare v. SelectCare: The battle begins for GovGuam employees & retirees

The following is a news release from the Guam Department of Administration:

Department of Administration has released the Government employee and retiree contributions for Fiscal Year 2022 Group Health Insurance Rates. Rates shown are bi- weekly for active employees and semi-monthly for retirees.

Pursuant to Public Law 35-92, subscribers may choose one of two plans, TakeCare or Selectcare for medical and vision benefits. If the more expensive plan is chosen, the subscriber pays the entire additional rate compared with the cheaper plan. Plan benefits offered by each carrier are broadly similar but provider networks may vary. Dental insurance is self-funded by the Government of Guam and is administered by Selectcare.

Group Health Insurance contracts are awarded by competitive bid and insurers are provided with claim data in order that their underwriters can establish premium rates to be included in their bids. The Health Insurance negotiating team secured a reduction in the rates originally bid and the average increase in premium for Fiscal Year 2022 over Fiscal Year 2021 is 14% based upon claim expenses paid for FY 2021.

Open enrollment period for employees, retirees and their dependents begins on September 1 and ends on September 25.

As Aetna is not providing GovGuam Health Insurance coverage for FY 2022, all subscribers will be required to complete enrollment either on-line or at Open Enrollment presentations or their Personnel Department.

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