Tax refunds paid to February 3 filings!

The following is from a news release from the Office of the Governor of Guam:

The Leon Guerrero-Tenorio Administration this week is releasing 2,243 Tax Year 2021 and prior income tax refunds, including those garnished to repay government debts, totaling $6,948,975. The latest batch of payments processed by the Department of Revenue and Taxation and distributed by the Department of Administration represent error-free returns filed on or before February 3, 2022, and will be paid by check or direct deposit.

“The people of Guam have done an exceptional job containing the spread of COVID-19, enabling the gradual lifting of restrictions we are seeing today,” said Governor Lou Leon Guerrero. “With our eyes set on recovery and propelling our people forward, unlike past administrations, our team remains committed to the timely payment of tax refunds. We know this trusted turnaround will help everyone get back on their feet and move quicker towards recovery.”

“In addition to the direct aid we are providing to more working families through the expansion of Prugråman Salåppe, and the millions of dollars provided directly to our community through past initiatives, the progress of our people who are getting their refunds in record time is planting the seeds for Guam’s promising rebound and future prosperity,” said Lt. Governor Josh Tenorio.

For more information, contact the DRT Call Center at 635-1840/1841/7614/7651/1813 or email [email protected]. Inquiries may also be made under the ‘Contact Us’ section of the DRT website at

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