The largest latte stones in the Marianas are in Rota

The is the Rota Latte Stone Quarry, which features what would be known as the largest latte stones in the Mariana Islands. Carved into the limestone are the two parts of several latte stones: the haligi (the bottom pillar), and the tasa (the capstone).
Had these pieces been placed together, they would have measured 25 feet in height for each latte stone. The tasa behind me is approximately seven feet in diameter.
The quarry is near the village of Sinapalo.
Rota is an enchanted island. The people there are Chamorros like no other, living our culture, traditions, and language in steadfast heritage. The air, refined by the heavens only, breezes cool and moist. The food is unmatched.
Rota is the most beautiful place on earth.
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