The war for chief crime fighter begins

With only 318 votes separating their Primary Election performance, incumbent Attorney General Leevin Camacho is going to war with his challenger, Guam’s first attorney general, Douglas Moylan.

The pair went head to head following the election, each releasing statements critical of the other and asserting their ability to fight crime.

FACT CHECK: Mr. Camacho, in his statement, claimed during Mr. Moylan’s tenure as attorney general (between 2003 and 2007) that the prosecution division had only seven prosecutors. That is untrue. According to public records, Mr. Moylan had at least 21 prosecutors during his tenure.

The statements, in chronological order of their release (Moylan, then Camacho, followed by a Moylan rebuttal) follow:

Doug Moylan’s first statement: “Toughest AG on Crime”

I wish to sincerely thank the people who voted for me. I also respectfully ask those who did not support me in this election & have yet to vote, to please give me a chance for the November election to show you the good my team and I will do for you if you vote for us.

The primary voter numbers show that each voter literally holds in their hand the power to select a person who will best protect our community and homes. This November’s election will be the difference between my reversing the crime wave, versus worsening crimes and crime statistics.

This AG is woke and soft on crime. Prosecutors have and are quitting because of weak crime policies. This AG’s ideas the past 4 years have not worked. I provide a “Rule of Law” approach, with conservative, family values. Being safe in your home and businesses is still possible if you elect our team.

I will provide the team leadership and direction needed. I did it before, we can do it again. I remain the Toughest AG on Crime. Please vote for me and my team to stop the increasing crime on our Island. Thank you.

Leevin Camacho’s response:

I want to thank the voters of Guam for their support in yesterday’s election. We did something that no other incumbent attorney general has done: prevailed in the primary election.

This election, our island is presented with two very different candidates for attorney general, but one thing we do have in common is a four-year record of serving our island in this capacity.

But after several months of campaigning, Doug does not talk about his record. Perhaps it’s because so many prosecutors and attorneys quit under his leadership that there were only EIGHT attorneys left to handle adult and juvenile prosecutions and just ONE attorney to handle litigation for the entire government of Guam. Perhaps it’s because under his leadership, serious crimes were dismissed, and prosecutors were forced to cover child support hearings. How can he be the “toughest AG on crime” when he was voted out of office with over 12,000 open criminal cases?

Now Doug wants to enforce a statute that makes it a crime for women and young girls who seek abortions, even in situations of rape and incest. He wants to enforce the federal ban on cannabis. In short, he wants to take us back to the failed policies that were around when he served as attorney general twenty years ago.

But as the voters showed yesterday, Guam is ready to move forward. We’ve been down this road before. We’ve prevailed in the face of the misrepresentations and false bravado. I humbly ask for the continued support of our people this November so we can do it again.

Doug Moylan’s rebuttal:

Hafa Adai. In regards to an 8/28/22 release by Mr. Camacho, Mr. Camacho needs to be fact checked. His facts are quite simply wrong. We were the most active and toughest team of prosecutors fighting violent, non-violent and government corruption crimes from 2003-2007 till the day I finished my first term as AG. We had a dedicated, capable & highly professional team of crime fighters to include great attorneys like Fred Canavor, Basil O’Mallan, William Bischoff, Clyde Lemons, Luis Littlepage, Jeffrey Moots, to name of the few of the many. We worked “hand in hand” with Public Auditor Doris Brooks and prosecuted & convicting dozens of government officials keeping our government honest. The media documented each blow-by-blow prosecution, together fighting crimes with the “ups and downs” fighting criminals. I don’t even recall Leevin practicing law on Guam or part of the fight. We did more with less & always came in under budget.

That being said, the voters need to know what I can offer in the here and now. My team and I offer a “hard-line” conservative approach to restoring Law and Order back to this community. We offer confidence that each criminal will be chased down, will fear being arrested by GPD, and thrown into jail by this AG. Ask yourselves if you feel safe at night? This AG is trying to hide how badly he has run that office into the ground after 4 years. Dedicated prosecutors like Peter Santos and Richelle Canto, among the many others, have literally quit because of his poor leadership. As recently as the past 2 months they have felt so strongly enough to publicly warn us of how bad it is in Leevin’s office. He has lost more than 1/2 of his prosecutors, which “speaks volumes” about him. It can only get worse after 4 years of this AGs lack of leadership. My team and I will restore that feeling of safety for you and your family. We will also make lawmen and women fight harder against the criminals because they know they can trust this AG to put the criminals in jail and keep them there. We did it then, we can do it again. I remain the Toughest AG on Crime.


  • Frank Perez

      08/29/2022 at 1:38 PM

    Camacho’s smear campaign will not do him good. Already suspect as a gubernatorial puppet and being abandoned by his own assistant attorneys, now projecting his failures towards Doug Moylan, has revealed his true character! Out with this clown!

  • Leevin Lightweight may be politically correct, but he is a “wuss” when it comes to execution.

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