Tina & Leila challenge opponents to debate

The following is a news release from the Sablan-Staffler 2022 gubernatorial campaign:

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Christina “Tina” Sablan and her running mate for lieutenant governor Leila Fleming Staffler challenged their electoral opponents to a debate.

“The people of the Marianas deserve to hear all three gubernatorial teams debate the issues and our plans to address them,” said Tina. “There’s so much at stake – from revitalizing our economy to investing in our healthcare system, fixing our schools and infrastructure, cleaning up our islands, helping small businesses, and tackling public corruption,” said Tina.

“Tina and I say to the Torres and Palacios teams: we are ready and willing to go to any venue and debate in any format. The important thing is that we give voters an opportunity to hear directly from all the candidates in the same forum,” added Leila.

Tina and Leila said their platform makes clear where they stand and what they will do if elected. “Our platform is our pledge to the people of the commonwealth. Leila and I are ready and eager to hold both our platform and our records in public service up to scrutiny in a debate,” said Tina.

To learn more about Tina and Leila’s campaign and review their platform for good governance, visit www.sablanstaffler.com. Organizations interested in hosting a gubernatorial debate may contact the campaign committee at [email protected]sablanstaffler.com.

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