Triple J, Micronesian Air Cargo Services Send Relief Items To Rota

By Brad Ruszala

Triple J Saipan, Inc. and Micronesia Air Cargo Services (MACS) teamed up to send a pallet of food items to Rota Friday afternoon in support of Super Typhoon Mawar relief efforts.

General Manager of Triple J Payless Superfresh and Truckload Store, Jay Santos, and his team put together a pallet of food items and coordinated distribution of the items in Rota through the Archdiocese of Chalan Kanoa under the administration of Bishop Ryan Jimenez and Father Nelson Plohimon.

“We’re lucky to have wonderful members of our community like John and Paula Stewart who gladly sent these items to Rota free of charge,” Santos said. “We’re also thankful for Bishop Ryan Jimenez and Fr. Nelson Plohimon in Rota for assisting with the distribution of these items to those who need it the most.”

MACS provides professional transport solutions including air freight and logistics services to businesses and individuals throughout the region, to include regular on- demand air freight services in the Mariana Islands.

MACS CEO, John Stewart, said his company provided the air freight free of charge as part of their mission to serve the CNMI.

“The people of Rota aren’t just our customers, they’re our friends and they’re our family,” Stewart said. “We were happy to help with the transport when we got the call from Triple J.”

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