Two familiar names join senatorial race

Two leaders, both with extensive professional backgrounds and with polar opposite views, have joined the race for senator. Republican attorney Tom Fisher of Talofofo and democrat social services leader Sarah Thomas-Nededog of Agat both (and separately) announced their candidacies for the thirty seventh Guam Legislature today.

The news releases from both campaigns, with biographical information, follow:

Fisher for senator:

Tom Fisher, esq.

Attorney Thomas J. Fisher is announcing his run for a seat in the 37th Guam Legislature. The Talofofo resident, former Navy Judge Advocate General, former Guam Prosecutor and former educator will make his candidacy official when he files his nominating packet with the Guam Election Commission this morning at 11am.

“I love this island. I have made Guam my home for the past 30 years and for the same amount of time, I have watched many of our elected officials let us down time and time again. It’s time for me to get off the sidelines and step on the field. It’s time for me to stop complaining and start serving,” Attorney Fisher stated.

Attorney Fisher will be introducing “The People’s Platform,” a hybrid of education and economic planks that he believes are the basics missing in today’s government.

“Checks and balance, financial transparency, putting an end to the government’s consistent practice of wasteful spending and making quality education available to everyone, including the indigent. This platform is a back-to-basics foundation for accountability, crime prevention, the funding of critical government services and the ability to create a living wage. I won’t be the first to propose these policies, but I am determined to put these in place if I’m elected,” Fisher explained.

Thomas Fisher is a graduate of the University of Kentucky College of Law and the Naval Justice School. Tom represented the indigent and the island’s manamko.

Tom Fisher acknowledges that he is an underdog because he lacks the name recognition and familial ties that other candidates may have but he believes this should make him a more attractive candidate to voters wanting real change.

“Every year, voters clamor for candidates who can make a difference, then they choose the same incumbents, the same names, the same faces, the same people about which they’ve been complaining. I have no relatives on Guam, no personal agenda, no political paybacks to worry about. What I do have is the political will to get things done, right and right away. If voters are really looking for a difference, it’s time for them to vote differently. And I am as different and unique a candidate as they come. Give me an opportunity and I will make a difference.”

Thomas-Nededog for senator:

Sarah is a human services professional with over 40 years serving the community. Her experiences and knowledge improve the lives of persons underserved in the community through her network with NGO’S, social workers, and many human services professionals.

Sarah served in many capacities:

  • Executive Director, Homelessness Assistance and Poverty Prevention
  • Deputy Director for GGARP-SPIM Senior Citizens programs
  • Program Officer, Guam Humanities Council
  • Executive Director for Sanctuary, Inc.
  • Vice President, Westcare, Pacific Islands
  • And many local boards, tasks forces and various committees.

Sarah’s leadership is complimented by her education:

  • Bachelors, Psychology and Sociology, University of Guam
  • Masters, Public Administration, University of Guam
  • Graduate Diploma, Non-Profit Management, Capella University
  • Doctoral Candidate, Humans Services Capella University

Sarah believes her continued service to the people as a policy maker will continue to help and benefit the underserved on our island. She’ll be the first social worker to run for the office of senator, and humbly ask the voters of Guam to consider a vote for SARAH THOMAS-NEDEDOG, “FOR THE PEOPLE WITH THE PEOPLE “ – running as a Democrat for the 37th Guam Legislature

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