Two of 15 senators seen helping the disaster relief effort nearly two weeks since typhoon

At least two of Guam’s 15 senators thus far have been publicly seen contributing to the disaster relief effort. Only days after the storm – on May 27, 2023, Sen. Jesse Lujan helped to deliver food to the Guam National Guard, who have played a critical role in the recovery. The food was donated by Local Jerk owner Marvin Crisostomo.

And over the weekend, Vice Speaker Tina Muna Barnes was seen volunteering with her office on the packaging of food for the needy. Ms. Muna Barnes said she did not want any fanfare, but did ask that if anyone knows anyone in need, who is having trouble getting help, to please reach out to her office.

Unlike disaster relief efforts of the past, Guam’s current senators have been relatively quiet and absent, except for their participation in sessions last week to appropriate money for emergency relief efforts.

While one of them campaigned heavily last year that he would gladly stand in the rain behind a bush to show how hard he will work when the people need him most, there has yet to be a public display of assistance for the administration’s disaster relief effort except for Mr. Lujan and Ms. Muna Barnes.

Sen. Jesse Lujan, pictured in foreground, and Local Jerk owner Marvin Crisostomo, donated food to the Guam National Guard on May 27, 2023.


  • Gloria Hughes

      06/05/2023 at 8:03 PM

    These senators forget who voted them into office. As much as I understand that they also may have damages to their homes, I certainly believe that they shit show up for the people, even if just for a couple of hours. This would show the humanity, compassion, and to want to assist the less fortunate. it’s really sad at this time that none of these people in office other than the two are see out in public.

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