UDON – October 7th

Hafa Adai from our GAIN “Pets of the Week”. If you are interested in fostering or adopting any of the posted animals please call the shelter and schedule an appointment to see these gorgeous animals in person. You won’t be disappointed!!! (fostering is only available for the adult dogs and adult cats)

UDON: (tan teenage dog) Whoever named this handsome fella had a love for food. Hence his name… He is estimated to be about 11 months old. Udon adores attention and curls into your lap for more affection, he can be a bit wary of somethings and loud sounds. Udon may need a family who can help with his guidance and help build his confidence. Time and patience will help Udon trust you and form a deeper bond. Udon is smart and will make a great training buddy.

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