WATCH: David Lujan’s grilling of cop in Red Jeep trial

Here are clips from the trial against Nakita Aguon, a trial better known as one involving the infamous crash of a red Jeep into Jerry’s Kitchen in Tamuning in the early morning of February 25, 2021. The trial is underway in the Superior Court of Guam.

Ms. Aguon is fighting the charges, brought upon her by Attorney General Leevin Camacho. The defense’s theory of the case is that Ms. Aguon was not the driver, and that the Guam Police Department and the Office of the Attorney General are covering up police corruption.

Attorney David Lujan tears apart the prosecution’s case against Nakita Aguon in the Red Jeep trial. In this clip, Mr. Lujan cross examined Guam Police Department officer Morgan Reyes, who admitted she dated her report of the investigation seven days prior to ever having reviewed surveillance footage from The Venue in Hagatna. The Venue is the bar the four occupants of the red Jeep were last seen prior to the early morning February 25, 2021 crash into Jerry’s Kitchen in Tamuning.


GPD officer Morgan Reyes, one of the investigators in the second investigation into the Red Jeep case, reviewed surveillance footage (of the four women involved in the February 25, 2021 crash into Jerry’s Kitchen) under cross examination by attorney David Lujan. The surveillance was of The Venue, an Agana nightclub, where the women were last seen prior to the crash. The footage showed the women “taking shots,” according to Ms. Reyes’s report and testimony. She admitted police were not able to determine whether the women were drinking alcohol. Separate testimony by a friend of the four women – Patricia Metran – revealed that prior to their arrival at The Venue, the women were at Applebees with Metran to celebrate her entry into the U.S. military. According to Ms. Metran, they all were drinking except for Nakita Aguon, the woman police blamed for the crash and the attorney general charged with misdemeanor DUI.


Attorney David Lujan cross examines GPD officer Morgan Reyes about the police cover up of the actual events of the early morning hours of February 25, 2021, when a red Jeep crashed into Jerry’s Kitchen in Tamuning. In this clip, Mr. Lujan asks Ms. Reyes to inform the jury of reports from that evening from GPD officers that fail to mention one of their own – officer Joneen Terlaje – was an occupant in the Jeep.


A review of the initial GPD crash report of the Jerry’s Kitchen destruction the early morning of February 25, 2021, shows the four responding officers to the crash never reported that Tracy Matanane, Ayesha Barcinas, and GPD officer Joneen Terlaje were occupants in the infamous Red Jeep.

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