WATCH: Do your elected officials know how much the poorest workers are paid?

Nevermind that Gov. Ralph Torres completely made up Guam’s minimum wage while under oath before the U.S. Senate.
Forget about the fact that he provided Congress with wrong information about the minimum wage in the CNMI.
Focus on one glaring fact from this video of his testimony before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee:
CNMI Gov. Ralph Torres, fresh from a lavish dinner complete with foie gras and wine the CNMI taxpayers footed the bill for the night prior, wasn’t even aware of how much the lowest-paid workers in his Commonwealth are paid.
Because, when you’re fleecing the taxpayers of their money, it’s in all likelihood, you don’t truly care about people working to the bone on a minimum wage.
For extra melodrama, his former chief of staff even rolled his eyes behind him, when he gave U.S. Senators the wrong information.


  • Albert Sablan Palacios

      05/05/2022 at 3:58 PM

    This is what you call immature!! It could be funny sometimes but this one is totally an embarrassment!!!

  • Senator Francisco Q. Cruz needs to excuse himself like Senator Justo, because the Beya Gelus (Frank, Justo and the Gov mom) were siblings back on the days. Talking about maximum corruptions within the CNMI Government is unfathomable. But again, this is the islas of the Mariana Islands.

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