WATCH: Guam National Guard cleaning up other people’s mess

The Guam National Guard is spending Father’s Day weekend cleaning up other people’s mess. Lt. Gov. Joshua Tenorio, in an interview with Kandit Thursday night, said this typhoon recovery is giving our people a chance to reset and clean this island.

There’s a lot to clean, indeed. Once it’s clean again, let’s respect the land.

And if you see some jack ass illegally dumping and polluting our island paradise, please report that person immediately to (671) 300-4751/2.

Video sent by a Kandit viewer and reader.


  • Jackass, indeed. 😂😂
    Troy, another appreciated article. Thank you and thanks , National Guard. I

  • Alan San Nicolas

      06/18/2023 at 8:07 AM

    Man hudas, man maknganiti, man satanás I man-man yuti basulan niha guehi ni ti kombieni !!! I sindalu-ta ti esklabu I isla. Taya gueni muchachu (tenttagu) miyu !!! Manggafa ni man ápplacha’, kalakas, ti man respetayon- higånte (gante) na prublema miyu. Kao yamu yanggen ma yuti guan I basula otru gi lugat mu ? MAGOF HA’ANEN MAN TATA 🌷

  • Sorry Troy,

    Other people cleaning up lazy assholes’ discarded belongings isn’t new. Just look around at our local beaches, parks, and heck…just look in your neighbor’s yard. Guam has a trash problem. Trashy people, without respect for the land or our beautiful places, teaching their trashy behaviors to their kids and never seeing themselves as the problem. It’s not just Outer Islanders as many bigoted Guamanians like to believe. It’s Chamorro’s, it’s Philipino’s, it’s Korean’s, it’s Haoles. I watch them do it all the time.

    It is time for the people of Guam to stand up after this disaster and plot a new course. It is not OK to dump your diapers and used couches on the roadway or alleyway. It is not OK to teach your kids that littering has no victim. We are all the victims of senseless, selfish actions like those above. Guam is a beautiful place, but there’s a rot here too. Better keep pace with the removal of that rot before it consumes the good Guam has to offer.

    Don’t believe me? Just look around your neighborhood. Most 3rd world hovels I’ve been to look exactly like Guam. Is that acceptable? It’s not acceptable to me. Is it acceptable to you?

  • Andy Again

      06/19/2023 at 3:58 PM

    I submitted a comment earlier this morning regarding this horrible problem on Guam. Is my comment still being “moderated?” Is that code for censored?

    Here’s the honest truth. Guam has a trash problem. It’s not just Outer Islanders as I hear some bigots say. There’s literally trash everywhere! There’s trash in every water way. There are piles of old appliances, mattresses, and my personal fav–soiled baby diapers on every street corner and back alleys. There’s rubbish lining high visibility roadways and the problem only gets worse year after year.


    How does the cultural events of constantly trashing our beautiful island align with that statement? IT DOESN’T!!! Shame on the people of Guam for tolerating!!!

    • Troy Torres

        06/19/2023 at 7:25 PM

      Hi Andy. We do neither censor nor edit any comments, except to not allow comments promoting violence, or victimizing victims of sexual abuse. I assure you, your comment was approved for publication, albeit a few hours after you posted it. This was only because I had a busy morning and was unable to get to the office until mid-morning. Once I got to it, it was approved. You should be able to see it.

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