WATCH: Murphy encourages victims of real estate fraud to report crimes

The Guam Real Estate Commission will meet next Monday and may decide whether to recommend to strip agent and broker Matt Strickland of his licenses. Commissioners will meet Monday to dispose of two complaints made against the Modern Realty Guam owner and naval lieutenant assigned to Joint Region Marianas.

“We have a meeting on (January 31), and both of those will be brought up at that time,” commission chairman Chris Murphy told Kandit.

According to Chapter 104 of Title 21 Guam Code Annotated, the Real Estate Commissioner (the director of the Department of Revenue and Taxation), may temporarily suspend or revoke an agent or broker’s license for a number of offenses. Licenses may also be terminated for any of a long list of violations of law and ethics following due process.

“We’re there to ensure the general public is protected,” Mr. Murphy explained. “We’re there to ensure licensees are held to the highest possible professional standards of conduct when they deal with themselves – their peers – and when they deal with the general public.”

Mr. Strickland has been accused by at least three citizens of conduct that fits several categories justifying the revocation of his license, if he is found to have violated Guam’s real estate regulations statute. Ralanda Rikkell, a former agent of Strickland and one of the three complainants against him, wanted the commission to move to suspend his broker’s license. Ms. Rikkell has accused Mr. Strickland of illegally keeping her earned commissions, and withholding her real estate license, when she left his brokerage.

“Obviously what he did, in our opinion, wasn’t correct,” Mr. Murphy said, referring to the Rikkell case, which was adjudicated in August. “That’s why we decided to just make sure she was able to move on from his company and start fresh.”

The three complainants are not the only people who have made accusations of misconduct against Mr. Strickland.

“I’ve heard many stories,” Mr. Murphy said. “I’ve been told numerous times about this individual, and I tell everyone that I empathize with your concerns, but the only way that the Real Estate Commission can act on anything, is if you put it in writing.”

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