WATCH: Take down canopies, but hold off on storm shutters for now

Landon Aydett, warning coordinator meteorologist from the National Weather Service Guam office, told Kandit Live viewers around 2 p.m. Tuesday that if a storm reaches any of the islands of the Marianas this week, he doesn’t expect it to be the type, where you need to put up your storm shutters.

“Take down your tarps and canopies, for sure,” Mr. Aydlett said, warning that weather systems don’t need to have names to cause damage to your property.

In the interview, Mr. Aydlett told our viewers that if a storm reaches our shores, it will happen before the weekend gets here, some time Thursday or Friday. As with any impending storm watch, the meteorologist gave a caveat to his predictions: stay tuned to the latest information from the National Weather Service, as things can change rapidly.

Kandit will bring you another live update at 4 p.m., when government officials communicate information from their afternoon heavy weather briefing.

Watch our early afternoon interview with Mr. Aydlett here:

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