WATCH: The late Ben Pangelinan in 2013 about the return of land to original owners

In 2013, then-Gov. Eddie Calvo and the late Speaker Ben Pangelinan, who had been political enemies, set aside their differences to quitclaim the government of Guam’s interest in military-held land to the original, pre-condemnation owners.

In this footage, taken at a ceremony in 2013 at Fadian, Mr. Calvo and Mr. Pangelinan are seen across the table from one of the original landowners in that area: Margarita Pereira.

(Note: This story was edited to correct Ms. Pereira’s name. The original story mistakenly used her maiden name)

Ms. Pereira is one of 18 original landowners whose lots at and around Eagles Field, are being eyed by Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero for use as a new hospital campus. The Secretary of the Navy has signaled his intent to return the property to GovGuam, which would trigger local statutes that require the land’s return to original landowners.

Instead, Ms. Leon Guerrero wants to lease the land from the Navy for 100 years.

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