WATCH: These are the conditions Guam’s babies are born into, while GovGuam parties on the “surplus”

A medical doctor sent us this video from Dr. Thomas Shieh. It depicts the October 2022 conditions of Guam Memorial Hospital’s maternity ward. This is where babies are born. This is where mothers heal after birth. This is where infants receive intensive care.

That maternity ward still has not been renovated, despite a decade-old authorization and funding to overhaul it.

Adelup staff and Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero’s cabinet received mammoth pay raises secretly. Businessmen closely connected to the governor received multimillion sole source contracts during the pandemic for completely unrelated products and services. Hundreds of millions of dollars are sitting in a bank the governor just happens to own…

…and GMH is falling apart. It can’t meet payroll. Mothers, doctors, and nurses have been waiting a decade for a new maternity ward that never came. Hospital management conceals its financial condition. And, yet, Ms. Leon Guerrero wanted the taxpayers to blow $10 million to lease Naval land in Fadian, Mangilao to build her billion-dollar medical campus pipe dream.

If you can’t care for the babies being born at GMH today, and the doctors and nurses who help that miracle to happen, why should the people trust you to build a new hospital (at least without strict babysitting from the Guam Legislature and the public auditor)?

Government has failed. Nothing is getting better. Privatize GMH.


  • Remember, this is the pro choice administration. They don’t care about anyone but their own surrounds- her unclassified staff and supporters who share the mindset of this administration

  • The madness of this world and the situation in Guam is dire. Our politicians seem more interested in placating liberal left activist who are on a mission to make Guam a baby killing territory over the implicit need to provide better public services for the lasting health of our island. Instead, we get greasy politicians who won’t stand up to power, won’t honor the wishes of their constituents and are more interested in their own pocketbooks than the struggling people of Guam.

    The idea that our political leaders are more interested in building something that will take 10 years over fixing the REAL, RIGHT NOW problems at GMH is laughable. All former employees, leader, administrations should really think hard about what they did to keep GMH as a rotting husk of an institution. The Republican and Democrat administrations alike have failed the people of Guam, have squandered precious resources and should be held to account for this type of tyranny through neglect and malice. Guam’s unborn babies, its struggling mothers all in the name of progress or some more aptly described as pari-pari and fraud. The madness MUST end Guam, rise up!!!

  • This is the prevailing mentality of This Governor & past Governors also, since this is Lou’s second term, use up all the money, give it to supporters so that you estabilish a legacy of taking care of supporters, nevermind the urgent needs of the Hospital & schools, run the coffers dry & let the incoming new administration worry about finding monies to run the government. All about their self serving interest, what a bunch of scums.

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