WATCH: This is the most eloquent speech delivered by a Guam senator in a very long time

Senator Fisher’s Resolution to create a Special Investigating Committee will be voted on today, March 30, at 2:15pm. He wants to thank his colleagues: Frank Blas Jr., Jesse A. Lujan, Joanne M. Brown, Telo T. Taitague, Chris “Malafunkshun” Barnett and Christopher M. Dueñas for cosponsoring this resolution.
“This body was a victim of a criminal act. It is substantively and functionally no different from somebody throwing a rock through a window or firing a bullet- a crime is a crime. We suffered from that criminal act and continue to suffer from the criminal act and I am a bit disturbed by the nonchalant with which some members are receiving that gross insult to the body- and I think it would be nice if we were to reflect on an Oath each of us took in the very first week of January- that oath said- and we all swore to it:
I solemnly swear in the presence of almighty God
that I will well and faithfully support
the Constitution of the United States,
the laws of the United States applicable to Guam, and the laws of Guam,
and that I will conscientiously and impartially discharge my duties as a member of I Liheslaturhan Guåhan.
That was an Oath taken before God and it was an Oath made to the people!
We have suffered a crime- it is our duty- it is not our option- to investigate that crime!
This is NOT an issue for the Ethics Committee!
This is NOT an issue that ought to be buried never to see the light of day again!
This is an issue which we must perform and investigate with alacrity and honesty as well as in regard for the fact that not all of us- none of us will continue in this body forever.
We have an obligation to the institution of the legislature!” said Senator Fisher.


  • His words prior to the override Mar 29 were on point ….

    There are 6 who have no brain / in real life who in the heck signs a lease or rental agreement knowing no details for all involved – yet at billions for decades or a world casualty to be 2nd class and lease yanked ???? Plus it was not just for this particular lease mess but rather DLL further ones !!!

    Yes I a a democrat who voted for you and none of the 6

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