WATCH: Won Pat refuses to comment on filthy bathrooms and wasteful water use at public schools

This compilation of two videos show a glimpse of unsafe, unsanitary, and wasteful conditions at Guam public schools on which acting superintendent of education Dr. Judith Won Pat is refusing to comment.

The first minute is video taken today by a source at Marcial A. Sablan Elementary School in Agat. It depicts a filthy girl’s restroom near the kindergarten classrooms that remains open for the students. The sources said staff have emailed Dr. Won Pat about the problem, but she never responded.

After the first minute, the video switches to a faucet leak at Price Elementary School today. According to the source who sent the video, the leak wastes five gallons of water every 10 minutes. “No wonder the bill is so high in the schools,” the source remarked, referring to suspicions of wasteful energy and water use in the public schools.

Kandit reached out to Dr. Won Pat for comment. And, as always, she has not replied.

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