Why did seven lawmakers go to a Philippine gaming conference?

Anti-corruption activist and veteran Fabian Indalecio – and many other residents of the Commonwealth – are upset about a recent trip made by seven lawmakers to the Philippines involving gambling.
Mr. Indalecio is a prominent figure in the contemporary anti-corruption movement in the Mariana Islands. He campaigned against the republicans and for the coalition of independent and democrat candidates, who now run the government.
In the absence of answers regarding this trip, Mr. Indalecio and others are expressing betrayal, especially as the government calls for austerity, and the people are trying to get justice for the wrongs of the previous administration.
Kandit, for the past two days, also has sought answers; first, from delegation head Sen. Corina L Magofna, and yesterday from the six members of the House, who went with her on the trip.z
Ms. Magofna did respond to Kandit, explaining that she has been in back-to-back meetings, but wants to answer our questions, and wants the people to hear her side of the story. We await those answers, as Kandit wants to be able to report this trip was of significant value to the people of the Commonwealth.
Her six trip mates, however, have not yet responded to our email.
Here is what we asked them:
Buenas, representatives! Our viewers and readers are interested in understanding more about the trip you recently took to the Philippines with Sen. Corina Magofna. I have sent similar questions to Ms. Magofna separately. I will be writing my story tonight, and will appreciate your answers for our readers and viewers so they may better understand the value of this trip to the Commonwealth. Here are my questions:
  1. May you tell me what the public benefited from your recent trip to the Philippines for a gaming conference? Specifically, how did traveling there and participating in it bring value to the CNMI?
  2. Who paid for the trip? Travel, accommodations, food, ground transportation, etc?
  3. Did any of the people you met with give you anything of value, aside from comping dinner or lunch meetings? If so, what were you given?
  4. What do you say to critics concerned that this trip reeks of the Torres trip to Macau a decade ago that led to IPI’s infiltration of the Commonwealth?
  5. What prompted this trip? Who invited you?
  6. Did anyone comp any of your meals or other social gatherings? If so, what was comped, and who paid?
  7. What was the nature of government business discussed?
  8. How do you respond to public concerns about seven lawmakers plus whoever their staff are who went on a “junket” when the government is broke and implementing austerity measures?
  9. With whom did you meet prior to this trip, in relation to this trip?
Thank you so much for your time.


  • Russ Mason

      03/24/2023 at 6:32 PM

    Question 10. Do you have a functioning brain?

    I look forward to reading their pathetic answers. How F dare they? Especially now.

  • Mabel Doge Luhan

      03/24/2023 at 10:29 PM

    It reminds me of when my oldest grandson Lucretius (the one who listens to Dua Lipa) went to Fire Island to “learn trigonometry”! Like these seven gallavanters, he came home with a sore hiney and a lot of phone numbers of self-avowed billionaires! Only those numbers didn’t begin with +86.

    Speaking of bars, “Was there any benefit to the CNMI?” is a very low bar. The more appropriate question is whether this was truly the most efficient way to reap that benefit and learn whatever these seven wanted to learn? In fact, I have it on good authority that since Gutenberg’s day, it has been possible to order a compendium of knowledge literally printed into a portable package and shipped to your CHRB!, with no need to travel to Manila!

    If only our legislators were so keen to learn lessons not involving world travel and hobnobbing with Chinese “investors.”

    As Clive Tanaka wisely observed, Jet Set Siempre 1°.

  • Why don’t Kandit contact the Gov. and Lt. and get their take on this junket by these elected, especially since these same people switched party (again) to join this Gov. in this last election in attempt to distance themselves from Ralphy boy yet now show they are all from the same mold of corruption.

    It shows that the two printed island media have no interest nor capacity in getting comments from the Gov.

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