Why the next bishop of Guam matters: An eye opening JungleWatch explanation

Tim Rohr

Here is an excerpt from the JungleWatch article by Tim Rohr:


…that provides fascinating insight into the machinations of the Roman Catholic Church, and how the selection of the next archbishop of Agana figures prominently in the agendas of some:

Given that the neocats, specifically Atienza et. al, have finally succeeded in getting rid of Archbishop Byrnes, we can expect a huge fight over the bishop’s chair of little ol’ Guam.

Why such a huge fight over a diocese that hardly holds the population of small Los Angeles suburb?

And why has the fight already gone all the way to Rome and will go to Rome once again?

Here’s my answer.

It’s not that Guam means anything to anyone in Rome or even the neocat hierarchy. The story that Guam was going to be the neocat launchpad into China was all a fiction and if the neocats want into China, they have much better places to launch from. 

No. The real reason why Guam is so important to the neocats, and specifically who the next bishop will be, is because of what happened to Guam’s neocat Redemptoris Mater Seminary (“RMS”).

Read the article here.


  • Roland Mondia

      03/31/2023 at 8:06 PM

    Church history tells us that there have always been factions in the Church, but the Lord always raises up Saints to insure that the truth always prevails. Perhaps that is why St. Paul in his letter to the Corinthians says, “for there must be factions among you so that those who are genuine among you may be recognized.” 1Cor 11:19 God Bless🙏

  • jeremy bright

      04/02/2023 at 1:25 AM

    Thank you Roland. Saints live among us and become persecuted like St Paul. Tim Rohr, I imagine would be embarrassed to see himself in this light, and his wife and family would be greatly offended. Arch Bishop Byrnes had his baptism of fire on Guam! The battle is real! Good v Evil! For some unknown reason it is playing out on Guam. China v US, Christ v Anti-Christ, Love v hate!
    Does anyone think that Kiko might be a saint? His influence on Guam has been horrendous. Tim stood up in good conscience and has lost his family +++. Good job neos!

    • Roland Mondia

        04/03/2023 at 7:46 AM

      Christ, his cross, The Holy Eucharist are scandals to many, even those who claim to be in the fold. For those who believe, Thank God for the Grace, for Jesus says no one can come to him, unless the Father first draws him. John 6:44, and the cost of following him is high, contrary to what many believe. Its going to cost your whole heart, mind, & soul. But for those who’ve lost many on account of Jesus, much greater is the reward. Hang in there Tim & all who fight the good fight🙏

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