Witness said aggressive cop has been shooting in neighborhood, needs help

Jamie Pangelinan Cabrera lives across the Ypaopao Estates cul de sac from a high-ranking police officer seen in a viral video pointing what appears to be an assault rifle at neighbors.

“He’s been shooting over there and threatening us,” Ms. Cabrera told Kandit in an exclusive interview.

She said this was not the first incident, where a confrontation erupted. A few days prior to this week’s viral video incident, neighbors called police to respond to the officer’s alleged aggression. When police officers arrived, according to Cabrera, they told her and her boyfriend they could not arrest the officer because they were subordinate to him.

“They said the only way they can help us is if we go to Internal Affairs,” Ms. Cabrera said.

The Guam Police Department issued a statement last week confirming an IA investigation into a police officer stemming from allegations of terrorizing. Ms. Cabrera and other sources have confirmed this is the same police officer; what is seen in the viral video is the second incident.

“They should investigate him, he’s so aggressive,” she said. “I think that guy needs help.”

“A criminal complaint has been taken and forwarded to the Office of the Attorney General, they are handling the investigation,” acting police spokeswoman Berlyn Savella told Kandit.


  • So this guy, a police officer, wasn’t even arrested? If anyone else acted like that they’d be facing serious felony charges. GPD covers themself in glory far too often.

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