Woman allegedly made up story; police say Huffman was trying to help little girl

The following information was released by the Guam Police Department regarding Sunday afternoon’s Amber Alert for two-year-old Lucialyn Aflleje:

The Guam Police Department (GPD) has been diligently investigating the circumstances surrounding the recent Amber Alert issued on February 11, 2024 involving a missing 2-year-old child.

Initial reports indicated that the child had been taken without permission from a residence in Dededo by a person of interest identified as Eugene Wayne Tudela Huffman. It was alleged that a physical altercation had occurred between Mr. Huffman and the reporting party Katina Antancia Aflleje leading to the child’s disappearance.

Eugene Huffman

However, through thorough investigation, it has been determined that certain details provided by the Katina Aflleje were fabricated and inconsistent with the allegations against Mr. Huffman. Further information revealed that shortly after 5:00 PM, Mr. Huffman, along with Lucialyn and his own son, were located at Naval Hospital for a separate issue not related to the investigation.

Investigations reveal that Mr. Huffman had taken physical custody of Lucialyn Affleje under circumstances related to the wellbeing and erratic state of Katina.

Katina Antancia Aflleje of Dededo was arrested for Child Abuse. She was booked and released under circumstances beyond the Guam Police Department.

Lucialyn Aflleje was removed from the custody of Katina Aflleje and placed in the care of Child Protective Services. The case has been forwarded to the Attorney General’s Office for their information and disposition.

We would like to express our gratitude to the community for their cooperation and support throughout this investigation.


The mugshot for Katina Aflleje has not yet been released by the Department of Corrections.


  • Women fabricating stories against men to play victim or look good, ain’t nothing new on Guam. This chick just happened to get caught. A lot of good men who are great fathers, step-fathers, guardians ect…, suffer because some women have daddy issues or don’t get their way.

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