Women worry system is protecting Akoma

Two women, who have filed criminal complaints of sexual misconduct against Dr. Ugochukwu Akoma, now are questioning whether Guam’s criminal justice system is allowing the investigations to languish.

Office of the Attorney General spokeswoman Carlina Charfauros on January 31 confirmed the OAG received the case brought by one of the women. As to whether Guam Police Department has referred the second case for prosecution, Ms. Charfauros said she would verify. The OAG has not filed any criminal charges since.

The second woman has been trying to follow up with GPD detectives whether they have received her complaint. The woman now lives off island, and filed her criminal complaint via a police department in the state, where she lives. GPD officials asserted in messages to Kandit that her complaint had been received.

“That is an absolute lie,” she said. “I’ve never been contacted or told that my case was sent via postal mail.”

She provided Kandit with messages showing conflicting information from police officials.

“It’s so infuriating to be told my case does and doesn’t exist,” she said. “I feel like I’ve been running in circles with GPD.”

Their efforts to have Akoma prosecuted criminally are in tandem with their complaints to the Guam Board of Medical Examiners in hopes the GBME stops the doctor from having access to more women through his practice. The GBME actually lost the first woman’s complaint to them, heightening worries the government of Guam is protecting the doctor from being held accountable for what they allege he has done. The GBME also has not taken action since the filing of multiple complaints against Akoma.

“I also have never heard back from GBME for my complaint,” the second woman said.

The first woman, who were previously assigned the pseudonym Susan, provided Kandit a long email train showing her repeated follow ups with the attorney general, who never responded to her

“I wrote to the AG and still have not gotten a response from anyone,” Susan said. “I have tried several times to contact him. I have not received a response.”

Susan filed her case months ago. The OAG had the case since January. She followed up with the OAG after hearing nothing for months on March 31, April 4, and twice on April 11.

“It is imposible for me to get ahold of anyone other than the victims line and the clerk’s office,” she said. “This has been such a struggle mentally. I dont know what more I can do, but I will keep trying. I feel like I am being ignored. And it is so distressing because this could be happening to others right now.“

Kandit in mid-January ran a nearly-one hour testimonial from the first woman, who filed criminal complaints against Dr. Akoma for allegedly assaulting and harassing her sexually. She was his patient, according to her testimony. He knew about her issues overcoming a traumatic childhood, when she was repeatedly raped; and he prescribed medication to deal with those issues.

“He picks his prey,” the second woman, who worked at Akoma’s clinic, told Kandit. “He knows they’ve had some history of abuse, and he uses that.”

The second woman said Dr. Akoma made unwanted sexual advances at his clinic that began as veiled office banter, then inappropriate touching, and finally, assault. “He grabbed my ass,” she said through tears. That was the moment she knew she could no longer work there. She told him that.

“He pushed me against the wall and he said ‘no, you’re staying here,'” she said. She was able to escape and purposely made a scene, yelling, “I quit!” so her co-workers and patients in the other rooms could hear her.

“We cant trust them to do the job they are responsible to do,” Susan said about the criminal justice  system.



  • Frank Perez

      04/26/2022 at 5:39 PM

    The only thought that comes to mind is this two cases were botched so badly that outcome will definitely result in massive legal suits that will reach the deep pockets of the government and their collusive agencies that the GMBE, GPD, OAG, will definitely be operating under budgetary constraints just pay the lawyers and their clients. Better come clean because if not they will be taken to the cleaners!

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