AG puts away another pedophile

Attorney General Douglas Moylan and his sex crimes prosecutors are on a roll. Child rapist Jessy James has been sentenced to life imprisonment for the 2019 rape of a girl who was 13 at the time. Mr. James pleaded guilty to the crime two days before his trial was to begin and in the face of forensic evidence analyzed by the FBI that placed him at the scene of the crime.

That crime scene was a jungle near a store from which Mr. James abducted the little girl as she was leaving the mini mart in Dededo.

The original charging document against Mr. James states:

“Police met with [the victim] who said that she was returning home after buying chips and dip from a nearby store when a made grabbed her from behind and dragged her into the jungle. [The victim] stated she attempted ro scream but the male covered her mouth with his hand. [The victim] informed police that the male threatened to kill her and he put his hands around her throat to where she struggled to breath and [the victim] later said she felt intense pain around her neck. [The victim] stated that the male removed her pants and underwear and the male tried to put his private part in hers … [The victim] said that she felt pain as he tried to push his penis inside which went on for a while.“

Mr. Moylan said Mr. James is “An animal that deserves to be locked away to protect other innocent children.”

The attorney general is advocating for senators to change Guam’s sentencing laws to require life imprisonment for pedophiles convicted of raping children. In the mean time, he warned in a news release, “The Parole Board must ensure he never again preys upon children. Our streets are safer with this pedophile in jail for the rest of his life.”

Sex crimes prosecutor Christine Tenorio and investigator Keane Pangelinan were credited with this latest in a series of successful prosecutions against pedophiles.


  • Well done, AG Moylan, PA Tenorio, and Investigator Pangelinan. I pray the young girl will receive the help she needs.

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