Agat parent: School officials know the problems and just don’t care

Within an hour of Kandit publishing an opinion piece from a Southern High School student about the conditions at the school, a parent of a student at Marcial Sablan Elementary School in Agat, who asked not to be identified, emailed Kandit the following:


I hope this email finds you in good health. I am a mother of a student who goes to Marical A. Sablan Elementary School in the beautiful village of Hagat. And the reason I am emailing is because I know you can definetly get some answers from Department of Education or from the principal of the school about why the air condition in the school cafeteria is not working. And what are they going to do about it? And when exactly are they going to fix it? 

First off let me say the Department of Education is just lacking on a lot of things and if this is how things are going to be for the students in GDOE, then it is just a shame. My main concern right now is the school cafeteria A/C that is down and that has been down for a while. It seems like GDOE and also the principal of the school do not care.

My child and all the rest of the students have to sit and eat in a very hot cafeteria and that is not right at all. Meanwhile, the office of the school has running A/C and the staff are enjoying it while the students are burning up and sweating when having to wait for their teachers to come in to the cafeteria to get them in the morning. Even when eating breakfast or lunch the children are sweating so bad. How can GDOE and the principal let this happen?

I know I am not the only parent who feels this way and I am tired of GDOE and the principal’s excuses about this matter. It is so hot in the cafeteria that I stopped bringing my child to school early because I do not want my child in that kind of heat. Instead, I bring him into school when it is time for the teachers to walk the students to their classrooms so that way my child does not have to wait in the cafeteria when it is so hot. 

I know that you can shed some light on this and get answers and hopefully get this big problem fixed before one of the students suffer from heat stroke in there. This is very very shameful of GDOE and also the principal of the school to let little children suffer like this, when they can do something about this. They know they can, but just dont care. Please help our students and expose these problems.

In this photo taken from the GDOE Facebook page, Lou Leon Guerrero on March 23, 2019 unveils a sign bearing her name as governor during a groundbreaking ceremony for a new half-a-million dollar canopy at Marcial Sablan Elementary School.

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