Arresting officer: Quinata arrested on witness statements only


Only one witness testified Tuesday in the Rudy Quinata murder trial.  Guam Police Department Criminal Investigations Division Detective Eric Barcinas was the arresting officer assigned to respond to a criminal trespass complaint against Mr. Quinata on April 3, 2021.  According to Barcinas, Quinata was taken to GPD’s Tiyan office for further questioning regarding the deceased Daniel Sanchez found at Quinata’s Umatac home.

During cross-examination, defense attorney Peter Santos asked Mr. Barcinas if the police ruled out robbery as a motive in the case.  Mr. Barcinas said he investigated Sanchez’s financial records and concluded that there was no money missing from his account.  Another point Mr. Santos brought up was if there was any physical or testimonial evidence that pointed to Rudy Quinata as the murderer.  Mr. Barcinas said, “In reference to the evidence that was gathered at the residence, I’m not too sure about that sir, I’m not the follow-up officer on that portion of the investigation.  However, to witness statements, provided information given by the assisting detectives, I had probable cause to arrest Mr. Quinata.”

In attending case-briefings for the homicide investigation of Sanchez, Mr. Santos asked what information Mr. Barcinas gathered that made him decide to place Quinata under arrest.  Mr. Barcinas said, “That the residence belonged to Mr. Quinata, that there was an argument that ensued that was heard by his neighbors.”  Mr. Santos confirmed that Mr. Barcinas was not able to rule out how many people were involved in the murder of Sanchez.

Quinata is facing murder charges following the death of former Umatac mayor Daniel Sanchez at Quinata’s home in Umatac.  Trial will continue March 22, 2022, at 10:30 a.m.

The entirety of Mr. Barcinas’s testimony is provided.

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