Combat veteran: Southern High conditions are worse than some living conditions while I was in war zones

This photo, taken from the Guam Department of Education Facebook page, depicts Southern High School students at their first pep rally of 2019. The photo was posted on September 21 that year.

The following message was sent to Chris Barnett, legislative education oversight chairman, by a Southern High School parent, who also is a combat veteran:

I have two children attending Southern High School and I find it quite disturbing that teachers and students are being forced to occupy classrooms that are clearly marked condemned.  I mean what is the use of condemning the classrooms if it is going to be ignored?  It angers me as a parent that the media releases unsafe parts of schools are condemned, but not being informed by the school that our children are still being put into these classrooms.  Even more disturbing is that the teachers are telling the students to “tell your parents” what they are doing, clearly showing there is force into putting the students there.

I have also learned that teachers and students are being forced to use classrooms with no air conditioning, no fans, and no windows.  While the leaders who put them there are sitting in air conditioned offices.  As a veteran, I‘ve had better living conditions while deployed to combat zones.  Why are we subjecting our children to these types of learning environments?  Do we honestly expect our students to try and learn anything while in these conditions for hours at a time with only a five minute transition period in between?  I don’t believe a grading curve is implemented based on harsh learning environments.  They are still upheld to the “normal” standards.  Then why are we forcing them into subnormal conditions?

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