Double the prison sentence for crimes committed during typhoon recovery

Sen. Jesse Lujan

By Jesse Lujan

I would definitely support enhanced sentences for crimes committed during and after a typhoon or natural disaster.

The community is especially vulnerable during and after a typhoon and we should send a strong message to everyone that if you decide to act with such disregard for your fellow islanders at a time when everyone is struggling to stay safe or just get back on their feet you will pay a heavy price.

We should strongly consider doubling the sentences of individuals convicted of crimes committed during and immediately after a typhoon. We must do everything we can to deter this hideous behavior. We must do all we can to make our island safe.

We must send a message: you will pay a heavy price if you decide to prey on the community when it is in peril.


Jesse Lujan is a senator in the Thirty-seventh Guam Legislature, and a member of the republican minority.


Editor’s note: Thursday night, Kandit wrote to Attorney General Douglas Moylan, Public Defender Services Corporation executive director Stephen Hattori, and the 15 members of the Guam Legislature asking whether, in light of violent crimes being committed during the typhoon response and the strain criminals are placing on an already-strained criminal justice system, they would support enhancements in sentencing for people convicted of committing crimes during a typhoon recovery period.


  • Alan San Nicolas

      06/10/2023 at 8:30 AM

    Manpos gusto I tano (pleasure, joy) !!! Ayu na halom yan huyong I tattamudu gi trubunat. Ti baba I nuebu na lai lao I hustisia dibi na u na kalaktos siha. AFAÑELOS ESTA I OTRU BIRADA.

  • Jesse lujan is just another career politician trying to divert and distract attention away from the massive failure of not only this administration, but administrations of the past, the CCU, PUC, their cronies that are confirmed by the current and past senators! The corruption and pari pari system among them is the real HIDEOUS ACT that needs to be exposed! Hey Jesse! I refuse to call you senator, why don’t you pass a law that sends any and all top government officials, career politicians, or any of the corrupt businesses that are in bed with this corruption to 3 times jail time of hard labor!! We the people are sick of you all with your photo ops propaganda just for your re-election campaign! The real hideous act is the massive failure, mismanagement, misappropriation of our tax dollars, lack of planning, preparedness, and overall execution! Yes Jesse! I agree with 3 times the jail sentence, but not for the average citizen! But for all of you! You people are the real hideous actors in the suffering of the people of Guam !!!

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