Lower housing, other costs by deregulating

Chris Duenas, member of the Guam Legislature, responded to Kandit’s request for his opinion to the questions:

Is it the government’s job to get people work opportunity and to lower prices? What role does the government play in bettering the economy?

Here is what Mr. Duenas wrote:

Chris Duenas

I am glad to share the same sentiment as my good colleague, Senator Jesse Anderson Lujan.

In today’s economic landscape, the role of government extends far beyond being a direct provider of employment. Its true purpose lies in creating an environment conducive to economic growth and abundant job opportunities. While government agencies like the Department of Labor offer valuable resources, it’s essential for the government to take proactive steps to support initiatives, such as the Guam Trades Academy, and engage in collaborative efforts with the private sector, including job fairs and partnerships with the Chamber of Commerce.

One aspect where the government has excelled is in advocating for, recruiting, retaining, and providing benefits to its own employees. However, it’s crucial to extend that same level of commitment and effort towards stimulating growth in the private sector. This can be achieved through measures such as lower taxation and by establishing a business-friendly environment, where entrepreneurs and businesses can thrive.

One of the most significant contributions the government can make to better the economy is by providing efficient and streamlined services. An example is the often laborious process of obtaining construction permits. The obstacles involved in this process can significantly affect the cost of housing and construction projects, deterring potential investors and entrepreneurs. By simplifying and expediting such processes, the government can effectively reduce obstacles for businesses and encourage homeownership, thereby stimulating economic growth.

The government should aim to empower local businesses, acting as the impetus for the local economy’s growth. Rather than hindering progress with excessive regulations and red tape, the government should adopt a philosophy of, “getting the hell out of the way,” and focus on providing the necessary infrastructure, support, and resources for businesses to flourish.

The government’s responsibility is not merely to provide jobs, but to create an environment where economic growth and job opportunities can flourish. Through proactive support for organizations, collaboration with the private sector, and a commitment to efficient services, the government can play a pivotal role in enhancing the economy. By advocating for both government employees and the private sector, we can build a stronger, more prosperous community that will not only restore, but enhance a spirit of hope for our people.

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