Lt. Governor responds to Adrian Cruz’s arrest for alleged sex crime

Lt. Gov. Joshua Tenorio says he prays for the teenage boy who has accused the governor’s former policy advisor of intoxicating him, trying to have oral sex with him, and offering him drugs for sex.

Kandit asked both the governor and the lieutenant governor for their separate reactions to the June 10 arrest of Adrian Cruz, who has held multiple high-level positions in the administration. Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero has never provided a response. Mr. Tenorio’s response, in full, follows:

Joshua Tenorio

“Sexual violence causes a lifetime of struggle and pain for the victim of such offenses. Looking at the large number of victims covered up for decades by the Guam Catholic Archdiocese, we are outraged by the innocence that was stolen by some of the most trusted men in our community and the damage it has done to so many families. We can only hope that reforms and promises made by the church will be effective to prevent any future occurrence.

“Our legal system ensures that those accused of crimes are entitled to the presumption of innocence unless they are proven otherwise in our courts and by their peers. I am saddened by these allegations and pray for the comfort of the victim.
“Public officials are held to a higher standard, and in this case, Adrian Cruz did the right thing and stepped aside from his position of authority to face this serious accusation and plead his case.
“I encourage all victims of crimes to seek help and to report matters to the appropriate authorities.  Counseling and support services are available through Healing Hearts, VARO, and others, please reach out.”
Adrian Cruz

Mr. Cruz was arrested by the Guam Police Department June 10 on accusations he committed fourth degree criminal sexual conduct and child abuse. The former Leon Guerrero administration official was released the same day pending further report from GPD that may lead to his prosecution.

On Monday, Attorney General Douglas Moylan confirmed his office received the report, and is reviewing it. The island’s top law enforcement official hinted at prosecution, adding “I am unable to discuss grand jury proceedings.”

The grand jury is the body of jurors who consider evidence in a given case, and decide whether there is probable cause to charge a criminal defendant via indictment. If indicted, Mr. Cruz will face felony charges, which prosecutors will have to prove at trial.

The teenage boy, who made the allegations, wrote a graphic and detailed account of the alleged crimes. Both he and his mother said they are fearful of retaliation, considering Mr. Cruz’s strong political connections, but are willing to go to trial to stop his alleged behavior from happening ever again.


  • A seismic behavior!

    It must be dealt with Castration, locked up and never to be a part of society.

    Shame on you Adrain Cruz! After all the best Governor of Guam, ever, to manned the helm, had chosen you to be her Senior Advisor; and you let her down.

    You could have been a part of her most efficient and effective typhoon recovery effort. She has done a fantastic job bringing our Paradise Island back to normal in a jiffy! You could have made a difference with her.

    Too bad! You have to go now.

  • Rory Tanapino

      06/29/2023 at 8:45 PM

    This GovGuam paree paree pervert, with the “grizzly ass” beard and ugly face will not serve any jail time.

    Let’s examine previous GovGuam offenders / ice sellers:

    GovGuam employee selling ice to school bus drivers – no jail

    GovGuam DPHSS employee selling ice (twice) – keeps job, no jail

    GovGuam DOC Guards smuggling ice into prison – no jail

    GovGuam employee receiving ice shipment at Guam Homeland Security – no jail

    As mentioned, GovGuam is dirty, corrupt, selfish, nasty, etc, etc . . .

    People allow those like their selves to rule them

    Fuck every dirty corrupt person working at GovGuam Rev & Tax, especially. (Hey, wanna buy a drivers license? – no jail time)


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