Opinion: Illegal immigrants must be jailed then deported

By Douglas B. Moylan

The recent and unprecedented flood of immigrants on boats to our Island requires an immediate and decisive law enforcement response. These Chinese foreigners come from a Communist country, whose professed goal is overtake the U.S. as the World’s Superpower. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is antithetical to our capitalist, free and democratic way of life.

Guam has played a strategic role to defend the Mainland United States since 1898. For the past few years, China has expanded its political and military presence in our region of the Pacific. The Solomon Islands now has a treaty with China, and is to Guam’s south east (between Guam and China). It denied entry to a U.S. Coast Guard cutter. In recent years China likewise claimed ownership and literally constructed man-made Islands for military bases on reefs in the South China Sea to the West of the Philippines. They have also taunted the Philippines govt. Most recently China responded with missile launches around Taiwan due to U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s foolish stunt in publicly visiting Taiwan, endangering our safety. In response China launched numerous missiles around Taiwan, including flying over Taiwan.

Guam is unequivocally a U.S. strategic military asset, and military target for the CCP. Our local leaders, esp. the AG, must inform and coordinate with the General at Anderson Air Force Base and the Admiral at Big Navy to incarcerate, question and to deport these Chinese nationals. The Feds should also be asked to help us with their advanced radar equipment to detect the boats that these Chinese nationals are using to slip onto our shores, esp. during the night. They are very likely military spies for the CCP being sent to observe, potentially infiltrate and inform the CCP about our military bases and infrastructure.

The Empire of Japan used a similar method in advance of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. National news media for the past years have consistently identified Guam for our porting advanced military planes, ships and submarines, as well as constructing “state of the art” over the horizon radar and missile evading technology for the mainland U.S. as well as defense of its strategic military bases.

In addition to all the other local law enforcement reasons to detect, incarcerate and deport these Chinese Nationals breaking our local laws, their recent and unprecedented numbers along with the increasing geo-political tensions between our countries, requires a more comprehensive analysis and response to what is occurring.

Douglas B. Moylan is a resident of Dededo, an attorney, candidate for attorney general of Guam, and was the island’s first elected attorney general

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