The fight against corruption must continue with criminal charges against the corrupt

Vickilyn Manglona Teregeyo

Man banidosu ham yan tatkilo’ na onru para bai en setbe i CNMI yan Guam para bai en pilan kontra corruption, yan i diñåñu pat o sino molestia kontra famalåo’an yan i famagu’on siha.

Kada uno giya hame guine gi Kåndit (News) en gåna I matditu ginen I binenu na åmot siha. I kunbåtin-måme kontra corruption – un kumbåti na en akukudi yan todos hamyo – inayuyuda ham remikupa yan numå’e otro siha (na tåotåogue) fuetsa yan gånas para hu ma ayudan maisa siha.

En aksepta ham yan en angokko ham para ba en nå’e hamyo ni minagåhet, kosa ke tafan hita kumumbåte I corruption yan para ta pångun I asunto pot diñåñu kontra famalao’an yan molestia kontra I famagu’on. Si Yu’os Ma’åse’.

Guaha unos kuåntos siha na sappotadot Ralph Torres ni man pininite yan man bububu desde på’go pot i mapeden niha gi eleksion. Gi entra i binibu yan pininiten niha, sigi manman atåka nu ayu siha i man campaign yan manman å’ågang para hu mana’ para i administrasion Torres (Ralph). Este siha na inatåka mampos esta petsonat ya kuntodo hame guine gi Kåndit man ma inkluso man ma atåka.

Enkuenta ginen I Kåndit, Inc., hongge yu’ yanggen hu sångan na este siha na inatåka, en pepega ya en u’usa gi pechonmåme komo tatkilo’ na onru. Tåya’ mås muna’ fan banidodosu yan banidodosa ham i para bai en fa ma nå’e kreditu yan para bai en fa ma sottne na hame muna’ basnak i administrasion i mås corrupt na gobietno giya Marianas. En establisi i Kåndit News Group pot para bai en na’ poddong todo i tetetnan na corruption kontra i publiko yan gi hålom i depåtamenton pulusia. Ya bai en kontinua pumetsigi este na mision.

Ohalara mohon ya yanggen måpåo esta I binibu yan i pininite, tafan atoktuk uno yan otro. I para ta na’ para corruption ti che’cho’ un pattidan politikåt ha’. Sohlo komo todos hit ta komitte hit para hustisia nai siña ta kumple yan ta na’ para. Ni uno giya hita sin defecto pat osino man tai isåo. Todos hit man lalache. Låo, ni nunka beses ni debe para ta eskusa ya para ta nå’e chånsa I man gai fuetsa yan i man må’gas yanggen båba para I tano’ta siha. Debe ti ta ekspekta mås ginen siha para i tano’ta.

Si Yu’os Ma’åse’ yan si Yu’os en fan binendise.

Vickilyn Manglona Teregeyo
Manager, Kandit Commonwealth (a duly licensed corporation within the CNMI)
Taotao Tinian. Sumasaga gi Dandan, Saipan.


    • Troy Torres

        12/05/2022 at 8:08 AM

      We are so very proud and honored to serve both the CNMI and Guam as watchdogs against corruption, and violence against women and children. Each one of us at Kandit has overcome and are overcoming the scourge of addiction. It is our fight against corruption – a fight we wage together with all of you – that has helped to set us along a personal path of redemption and empowerment of others.

      Despite our shortcomings as humans and citizens, you have accepted us and trusted us to bring you the truth, to fight corruption with you, and to bring greater awareness to violence and sexual abuse. Thank you.

      In the wake of the recent landslide victory by Governor-elect Arnold Palacios, there has been a pocket of supporters of the vanquished Gov. Ralph Torres, who are in a lot of pain. And in their pain, they have been lashing out at those who campaigned for an end to the Torres administration. The attacks have become increasingly personal, and have even included us here at Kandit.

      I speak on behalf of Kandit, Inc., when I say that we wear the attacks against us as badges of honor. Nothing brings us greater pride in the CNMI than being blamed for helping to take down the administration of the most corrupt governor the Mariana Islands has ever seen. We started and we run Kandit News Group to tear down every vestige of public and police corruption on our islands.

      We hope that as tempers and emotions fade, we can embrace all. The end of corruption should not be seen as a task for just one political party. It can only be accomplished, when we all commit ourselves to justice and to the accountability of the public trust. None of us are perfect. All of us make mistakes. But we should never, collectively, excuse the powers-that-be, when they corrupt our islands. We must expect better for our people.

      The march against corruption must continue. It will be painful for some to see indictments, criminal trials, and even jail time for those convicted of corruption. But the storm must rage on to cleanse our Commonwealth of this filth so that the sun can shine once again.

      Thank you, and God bless you all.

      Vickilyn Manglona Teregeyo
      Manager, Kandit Commonwealth (a duly licensed corporation within the CNMI)
      Taotao Tinian. Sumasaga gi Dandan, Saipan.

  • Thank you so much for that Troy!! I enjoy Kandit!! I look forward to your new stories every day!! Have a blessed day!!

  • I totally agree. Why is it that a hungry man that stole a can of spam will serve time, but a honcho entrusted with our coffer who ransacked it, will walk and come back another day to do it all over again? I feel that any elected official that was charged for any crime whether guilty or not should never hold another elected office. And the punishment also is to confiscate all their wealth like the drug runners and or dealers. This will certainly curb their desire to rob us.

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