Troy Talks: Episode 7 • When hugging trees and terrorists becomes annoying

If you want to spend your life hugging trees, hey, God bless. You hate America and freedom and Jews, and want to trade all that in with a virtue signal for Hamas, terrorism, and the millenia-old campaign to exterminate the people of God? Ironically, this is America, so have at it with your freedom of worthless thought.

But don’t push these agendas as a senator, using our public resources to fight for your extremist views.

The public discourse needs to be about solutions to the myriad problems that can be categorized into three priority areas: poverty, inaccessibility to medical care, and corruption.

So long as trees don’t need us to feed or clothe them and terrorists love to kill us, Sabina Perez should set aside her Hamas-hugging advocacy in favor of addressing real problems Guamanians face.

The senator – whose integrity I don’t question as much as her agenda – has bowed to a narrow constituency, using her significant power in the legislature to thwart or ignore solutions to poverty and corruption.

In this episode of Troy Talks, I go into her latest obstruction to progress: her delayed action on hearing a bill by Chris Duenas that defies the extreme left environmental narrative and – get this – provides a solution to poverty that helps both development and the environment. This constituency from which Ms. Perez pushes an agenda onto the legislature does not appreciate solutions, just rabid posturing and pontificating about a rewritten history of victimization. It is the same group of so-called activists who (together with Ms. Perez), wasted so much time opposing a simple legislative statement (resolution) calling for an end to violence in the Middle East and informing the American president that we on Guam support our ally Israel against the terror group Hamas.

As this agenda plays out using the public resources of Ms. Perez’s legislative office, she has thus far failed to perform any meaningful oversight into the theft of millions of tax dollars stemming from cigarette wholesale and distribution. Nor has she provided any substantive legislative solution or oversight to the procurement problems that stymie efficiency, waste money, and harbor corruption.

Sabina Perez

Ms. Perez, like other elected officials, needs to align her actions to the priorities so clearly embraced by the public. I love trees, too, but they aren’t going hungry or lacking wastewater systems to urinate and evacuate.



  • An activist with a personal agenda that obviously wasn’t homegrown but transplanted from some mainland mentality… Doubt how deed her Chamorro roots are…

  • Salvador Cruz

      01/04/2024 at 9:53 PM

    Totally self serving. Nothing else matters to her EXCEPT her beliefs. She and Amanda Shelton are non sensical, they serve only a tenth of the VOTING POPULATION, yet manage to be reelected by the uninformed voters of Guam. Sad.

  • Thank you Troy for presenting this. Truly these individuals have misplaced priorities (not sure why they were elected) and kowtow to mainstream media ideals and propaganda — all of which neither benefit the People of Guam nor serve to further the progress of our beautiful Motherland. There are so many other concerns and issues that are within the borders of the island and nation that need addressing: Education (including, at a minimum, safe facilities, challenging curriculum related to sustainable practices like agriculture, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, financial responsibility), accessible programs and resources — both before and after school, stewardship, cultural acceptance, homelessness, substance rehabilitation, healthier lifestyle, preventative health care, integrative health care that teaches both young and old coping mechanisms, etc. These are just a few and none of these relate to activism. Elected individuals should not be categorized as “Leaders” until they have actually shown Leadership. Guam does not need blind sheep, dependent on Likes or shares, Guam needs Leaders.

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